Aaron's Parties
(Strange old photos, most were taken by someone else.)

francesca_aaron.jpg (45,890 bytes) francesca_pants.jpg (50,493 bytes)

These photos were taken by someone else, probably John McBride. Here's Francesca and Aaron, then Francesca wiping the cranberry juice off her pantleg. "Mama mia!" she says.

aaron_computer.jpg (43,814 bytes)

Aaron considers this photo to be a good summary of his life.

brad_matt.jpg (52,109 bytes) matt.jpg (16,787 bytes)

Matt and me.

mcbride2.jpg (36,723 bytes) mcbride.jpg (37,606 bytes)

John McBride. Can you spot the iron marks on the carpet?

iron_mark.jpg (49,576 bytes)

...in case you can't, here's a close-up.

Now, from the Cinco de Mayo party in Encinidas...

gal.jpg (53,078 bytes) gal_punching_guy.jpg (75,185 bytes)

Some gal pretending to punch some guy. Who are these people? I think her name is Gina.

gals.jpg (54,489 bytes)

Some under-age-looking gals.

from_above.jpg (55,253 bytes)

A dark shot from the roof of the weird house.