Brian and Helen's Wedding

Helen's Entrance (61,116 bytes) Right side of the ceremony (62,504 bytes)
Left side of the ceremony (59,762 bytes) Left side of the ceremony with Helen (76,269 bytes)
Left side of the ceremony with photogrpher's backside (64,986 bytes) Helen and Brian under photographer's arm (37,321 bytes)

A few photos of the ceremony.

"Hey, why aren't there more photos of the ceremony?" you ask. Because this "professional photographer" blocked just about everyone's view of the event. Click here to view his final exam from Photography 101.

Newlyweds (48,939 bytes) Phill (48,680 bytes) Scott and Ellen (44,274 bytes)

End of the ceremony. Check out Helen's dazzling gown of beads! It's like full body armor! I'm sure that swords and axes would bounce off it much like Frodo Baggins' mithril armor.

Helen and Brian (81,914 bytes)

The Farwells!

Kim and Sychuang (73,923 bytes) Sanka and Andy (68,866 bytes)

Kim and Sychuang, Sanka and Andy.

Mike and Beer (73,250 bytes)

Mike with beer. (Isn't the "with beer" part redundant?)

Barbara (Barbie!) and friend (64,354 bytes) Darla (75,655 bytes) Eileen and Jeff (57,542 bytes)

Good ol' admin people from SEA: Barbara, Darla, and Eileen.

Meiko (59,593 bytes)

Meiko and that big guy who I see at lots of parties.

Todd (70,792 bytes)

It's Todd from the Adams Avenue Grill... and Karl Strauss.

Scott and Gina (46,872 bytes)

The ubiquitous Scott and Gina.

The Berlangas (66,174 bytes) Dawn and David (63,207 bytes) The Clements (79,416 bytes)

The Berlangas, the Sullivans, and the Clements.

Cake Cutting (78,515 bytes) Helen Eats  (64,658 bytes)
Brian Eats It (67,020 bytes) Sticky Fingers (68,065 bytes)

Cake cutting and feeding, resulting in sticky fingers.

Newlyweds Dancing (63,702 bytes) Newlyweds Dancing 2 (69,368 bytes) Helen Dancing (53,855 bytes) Brian Dancing (59,196 bytes)

Brian and Helen slow dancing.

Erin's Group (87,340 bytes)

All right! I finally got a good picture of Erin!

Cindy, Barbara, and Karen (73,166 bytes)

Cindy, Barbara, and Karen.

Blurry Action Shot of Bouquet Toss (22,140 bytes) Bouquet Toss Result (37,312 bytes)

Dark, blurry photos of the bouquet toss.

Brian launches the garter... about a few inches behind himself (66,204 bytes)

The bachelors were ready for the garter toss, and Brian launches it... about a few inches behind himself. Let's try it again.

Helen and Ellen Group (82,987 bytes) Ellen and Helen (79,192 bytes)

Helen and Ellen with friends.

Greg terrorizing Cindy (47,481 bytes) View of the dance floor from above (77,788 bytes)

Greg terrorizing Cindy, and one last shot of the dance floor from above.

Garter Monkey wins another belt!
Bring on the next garter toss!