Oct. 18, 2003

01_rehersal.jpg (53kb) 02_large_group.jpg (64kb) A couple shots from the rehersal.
03_wedding_guest_list.jpg (90kb) 04_tina_prep.jpg (79kb) Guests sign in while Tina makes the final preparations for the ceremony.
05_kids.jpg (67kb) The ring bearer takes charge: "Hey! Your duty as the flower girl is to distribute flower petals! Don't you forget it!"
06_ceremony.jpg (132kb) 07_ceremony4.jpg (95kb) 08_ceremony2.jpg (140kb)
09_ceremony3.jpg (90kb) 10_ceremony6.jpg (78kb)
Presenting: Mr. and Mrs. Brian Boggess!
11a_pastor_handshake.jpg (56kb) 11_ceremony5.jpg (75kb)
12a_kiss.jpg (49kb) 12_brian_tina_pastor.jpg (44kb)
Some poses with the pastor.
13a_wedding_party.jpg (54kb) 13_ceremony9.jpg (128kb)
14_ceremony7.jpg (170kb) 15_ceremony8.jpg (118kb)
16_family.jpg (76kb)
Wedding party and family near the altar.
17_bubbles.jpg (98kb) 18_bubbles2.jpg (131kb) Upon exiting the church, Brian and Tina are attacked by bubbles.
19_grass.jpg (132kb) 20_grass3.jpg (142kb) 21_grass4.jpg (113kb) Goofing around on the grass.
22_grass2.jpg (110kb) 23_grass5.jpg (175kb) The bridesmaids join in.
24_reception1.jpg (74kb) 25_reception2.jpg (92kb) Brian looks frightened as the best man is poised to say something embarrassing about him. Then, a sigh of relief!
Here is the best man's toast.
26_reception3.jpg (87kb) 27_reception4.jpg (68kb) Now, it's the bridesmaids' turn for the toast, and the video slideshow begins shortly after dinner.
31a_brian_tina_dance.jpg (74kb) 31_brian_tina_dance2.jpg (78kb)
32_brian_mom_dance.jpg (73kb) 33_brian_grandma_dance.jpg (64kb) 33_ceremony16.jpg (73kb)
40_cake_cut.jpg (47kb)
41_cake1.jpg (81kb) 42_cake2.jpg (70kb)
44_toss1.jpg (100kb) 45a_garter_toss1.jpg (99kb)
45_bouquet_toss.jpg (74kb) 46_garter_toss.jpg (64kb)
The bouquet and garter tosses. A few more single gals than guys are the reception, eh?
47_garter_toss2.jpg (77kb) 48_toss_winners.jpg (72kb) Brian launches the garter, and the best man makes a jumping catch (the garter is visible in the clenched hand behind Brian). A photo of the toss winners.
60_dad_mom_maids.jpg (107kb)
61_ceremony11.jpg (105kb) 62_ceremony12.jpg (122kb)
Groomsmen and bridesmaids, plus family.
63_ceremony13.jpg (127kb) What is this?! I am trying to be John Brown?
65_brian_tina_flowers.jpg (91kb) 66_ceremony10.jpg (97kb)
67_ceremony15.jpg (71kb) 68_ceremony14.jpg (149kb)
Brian and Tina at the end of the reception.