Dawn and David's Wedding

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Extremely blurry photos of the ceremony. Well, I did what I could with the flash off!

05_inside_dome.jpg (90,460 bytes)

At least this photo turned out okay. There's a dome inside the dome!

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Ex-SEA folks hanging around before the reception. ¡Karen, abre los ojos!

12_scott_gina_brian.jpg (82,309 bytes)

In this photo, can you spot:
1) The photographer?
2) Randy Silvia?

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The dancing begins with Dawn and David.

15_dancing3.jpg (60,205 bytes)

John Clement with his trademark expression of happiness.

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Crazy dancing with a Village People theme. Y-M-C-A.

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20_dancing6.jpg (56,312 bytes) 21_dancing7.jpg (65,231 bytes)

Randy Silvia thinks he is a safe distance from the conga line, until Dawn swings by and says, "Damn it, Randy! Get up and dance!"

22_bachelors.jpg (54,989 bytes)

Time for the garter toss. Where the hell are all the bachelors?! I can't be the only one...

23_garter_removal.jpg (52,130 bytes) 24_bachelors2.jpg (63,281 bytes)

Garter removal, and the toss! Devon wins!

24a_toss.jpg (65,127 bytes)

Helen catches the bouquet, and by the expression on her face, it seems quite heavy!

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Open wide, here comes the cake...

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Diane, Sanka, and me at a table.