Diane & Guy Wedding

Oct. 11, 2003

01_ceremony.jpg (126kb) Diane walking down the isle, surrounded by an outpouring of emotion.
02_ceremony.jpg (92kb) 03_ceremony.jpg (99kb) The ceremony, featuring the back of some old guy's balding head.
04_ceremony.jpg (98kb) 05_ceremony.jpg (98kb) ...and the ring / kiss exchange.
06_ceremony.jpg (98kb) 07_ceremony.jpg (87kb) 08_ceremony.jpg (80kb) Newlyweds exiting the ceremony.
09_truck.jpg (94kb) 10_plane.jpg (73kb) Cool! Old war stuff! Check it out!
11_diane_guy.jpg (93kb) 12_brad_diane_guy.jpg (117kb) Here is the happy couple, plus one of the last remaining bachelors from SEA.
13_toast.jpg (78kb) A dark photo of what appears to be the best man's toast.
14_dance.jpg (67kb) 15_table.jpg (96kb) Diane and Guy dancing, plus an appearance at the SEA table.
16_cake.jpg (72kb) Cake.
17_sea_table.jpg (154kb) Whoever was still hanging around the SEA table near the end of the reception.