Halloween 2002

A few photos from Karen's camera of Phill and Mieko's party:

01_phill_party.jpg (89,846 bytes) 02_phill_party.jpg (66,748 bytes)

Preparing the Jägermeister shots.

03_phill_party.jpg (67,849 bytes)

Celebrating the Jägermeister shots!

04_phill_party.jpg (69,114 bytes)

Gina spots the camera.

05_phill_party.jpg (73,627 bytes)

Mr. Magic Pants shows off his monkey...

06_phill_party.jpg (76,946 bytes)

...and his trouser snake! Not for the faint of heart!

My Headless Horseman costume at Yumi's:

07_yumi.jpg (68,560 bytes) 08_yumi.jpg (70,049 bytes)

...featuring a detachable head mounted on a bloody neck stump.