Luau 2003

Poker Table (108,971 bytes) Scott explaining the rules of craps and Helen counting chips. (96,229 bytes)
Lots of chips on the craps table (125,279 bytes) Helen at the craps table (58,467 bytes)

Casino action upstairs, featuring Scott and Helen at the craps table.

What's causing all the commotion at the blackjack table? ... (81,479 bytes) ... oh, I see. (67,019 bytes)

Hey, what's all that commotion at the blackjack table? Oh, I see...

The Giant Tiki Head commands you to drink more! (29,596 bytes) Giant Tiki Head blowing out smoke. (49,626 bytes) Followers of the Giant Tiki Head. (98,139 bytes)

"I am the Great Tiki Head! I command you to drink more!" Followers of the Great Tiki Head look up from the dance floor.

Qualcommers at the bar upstairs. (71,966 bytes) Mike and Dave targeting Jason with gestures of... good will. (74,716 bytes)

Hanging around upstairs during the casino action.

Dawn taking a photo of me taking a photo of her. (78,192 bytes)

A Luau Party tradition... Dawn taking a photo of me taking a photo of her.

Phill mixing up another few gallons of mai tais. (81,541 bytes) The ubiquitous... the omnipresent... Scott and Gina! (108,974 bytes)

Outside, Phill mixes up more mai tais, and Scott and Gina make another appearance.

Letizia, Mari, Brad, and Amy. (128,396 bytes) Mike, Mari, Letizia, and Dryden. (118,513 bytes)
Letizia and Mari. (71,210 bytes)

Group photos of Letizia, Dryden, Mari, Mike, Brad, and Amy.

Mike shielding himself from the camera flash and Phill. (85,030 bytes) Late-night dancing (79,601 bytes)

Mike hides behind his drink, while Mieko hits the dance floor.

Cindy playing some late night card games... who's passed out in the background? (68,747 bytes) Mike counting sheep. (86,229 bytes)

Cindy playing some late night card games, and who's passed out on the sofa?