Luau 2004

01_phill.jpg (77kb)

At the entrance, Phill guards the velvet rope in his "Security" jacket and matching pants.

02_fire.jpg (46kb) 03_fire.jpg (93kb)
04_fire.jpg (52kb) 05_fire.jpg (47kb) 06_fire.jpg (57kb)
07_fire.jpg (45kb) 08_fire.jpg (47kb) 09_fire.jpg (51kb)

Things start to heat up with the Fire Tribe.
"Fire, fire, fire!"

10_fire.jpg (83kb) 11_fire.jpg (57kb) 12_fire.jpg (63kb)
13_fire.jpg (73kb) 14_fire.jpg (57kb)
15_fire.jpg (36kb) 16_fire.jpg (28kb)

Which setting on my camera does the time lapse thing? Ah, here it is...

17_group.jpg (119kb)

A rare photo of Mike not flipping off the camera. And, quite possibly, the worst photo of Jason ever. He goes into a transe as the flame from the torch leaps into the foreground and singes him.

18_group.jpg (96kb) 19_group.jpg (64kb)

The group photos begin with Helen's friends.

20_group.jpg (94kb) 21_group.jpg (85kb)

...then, more group photos with Sam and... hey, that finger looks familiar...

22_erin.jpg (88kb) 23_erin.jpg (67kb) 24_erin.jpg (73kb)

Luau party veterans: Erin and me. And glowsticks in peculiar places.

25_dance.jpg (152kb)

Watching a video slideshow of parties past. Brian gives a thumbs up, while Mike gives a... fingers up?

26_dance.jpg (60kb) 27_dance.jpg (86kb)
28_dance.jpg (57kb) 29_dance.jpg (75kb)

Cage dancers. Hey, two can fit in one of those things!

30_dance.jpg (95kb) 31_dance.jpg (94kb) 32_dance.jpg (96kb)

Helen, Brian, and Scott hit the dance floor. Helen's hair takes flight. After dancing, Scott musters up enough energy for a late-night celebratory pose. Half of Phill's butt makes it into the photo somehow.

33_dance.jpg (94kb)

One more dancing photo before we head to the kitchen. Time for Andy's hair to go into action.

34_inside.jpg (54kb) 35_inside.jpg (53kb) 36_inside.jpg (52kb)
37_inside.jpg (55kb) 38_inside.jpg (72kb) 39_inside.jpg (87kb)

The cute cage-dancing gal heads to the kitchen, where Mieko is cleaning up. TJ makes some late-night quesadillas, Kristin shows how she got second place in the tatoo contest, and some gal isn't happy about having her hair in the sink.

40_inside.jpg (83kb)

Do I hear cops?! Gotta run!