Luau 2005

Paul's Vision Test (107kb) Sam, Brian, Helen, Paul (110kb) Andee, Max, Sam (73kb)
Phill, Scott, Gina (92kb) Clements!  A rare luau appearance! (85kb) John doing the

Wandering around outside...

Hey, there's a camera there! (111kb) ...ah, now everyone else spots the camera. (105kb)

Trying to get the attention of the table occupants.

A sneaky, rare photo of Mike NOT flipping off the camera... (72kb) ...but, it comes with a penality. (83kb)

Mr. Sneaky Photographer on a quest for that elusive photo of Mike not flipping off the camera.

Ann Marie shows us how to get tattoos... (57kb) ...and more tattoos... (52kb) ...there's room for more... (60kb)
...more tattoos... (80kb) ...running out of room for tattoos... (71kb) And here's how to apply the tattoo... (62kb)

Annemarie shows us how to win the tattoo contest. Hmmm, perhaps we need a separate competition for guys.

...with a wet rag... (63kb) ...and here's a perfect example of how to fold up the wet napkin into a tatoo applicator.  Hmmm... looks like a go-go dancer's butt somehow got into the photo. (96kb)

Others attempt tattoo dominance but fall short.

Go-go dancers preparing! (93kb) Oooh... Jen has freaky-looking contacts!  Someone wishes her good luck. (96kb) Go-go dancers are go! (85kb)
dancing inside the volcano (71kb)
more dancing (54kb) yet more dancing (75kb)

Go-go dancing action!

Phill gets into the go-go dancing with glowsticks (59kb) ...more Phill... (60kb) ...that's just not right. (61kb)

More go-go dancing action. Not quite as sexy, though.

fire guy! (40kb) 31_fire.jpg (55kb) 32_fire.jpg (43kb)

The "fire guy."

Mieko, Jill, TJ (70kb) Brian, Josh (110kb)
folks in the kitchen (100kb) more folks in the kitchen (98kb)

Wandering around the kitchen...

She maintains tongue containment this time, but... (88kb) ...hey, you asked for it! (66kb)

That's what you get for losing tongue containment!

I got a photo of this gal just after she took a photo of me (59kb) fire guy dancing with glowsticks inside (84kb) dance floor action (81kb)

Late night dance floor activities.

Tiki God bids you farewell! (36kb)

Tiki God bids you farewell!