New York City - Dinner

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asia_de_cuba.jpg (53,093 bytes) asia_de_cuba2.jpg (63,957 bytes) Asia de Cuba. Excellent food and atmosphere. And a waitress with a big Band-Aid on her arm. That's me and Bill Sweetman.

angelo_maxis.jpg (70,330 bytes) angelo_maxis2.jpg (97,537 bytes)

Large group at Angelo and Maxie's steakhouse.
johns_pizza.jpg (80,532 bytes) johns_pizza2.jpg (94,975 bytes) John's Pizza in Times Square, with some Ziff Davis folks.
smith_wollenskys.jpg (107,646 bytes) Smith and Wollensky's steakhouse. Smile, Scott! The contract is almost over!
wherever.jpg (95,813 bytes) wherever2.jpg (60,854 bytes) I don't recall the name of this place... it was in a somewhat shady neighborhood.