Paul and Dani
Dinner Celebration

August 27, 2004

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Paul and friends hanging out in the twilight.
Cindy and Jen. And Cindy again.
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"Love is friendship caught fire. Umm... uhhh... just go ahead and eat your dinner!"

"What you say?!"

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Let's start the tour of the dinner tables with Madeline's grandmothers!

The dancing action begins with Paul and Dani, followed by Jeff and Shelia, and finally, the tireless J-Bar. (G-Bar?) ...and Cindy again.

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Moving from the dancing action to the kids before Paul and Dani's speeches...
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At last! Paul and Dani speak! And Paul accompishes an incredible feat! Nearly perfect beer bottle & microphone alignment!

Cake cutting / feeding. This is going to get messy.

I told you so.

Ending the night with some group photos.