Sanka's Wedding
May 4th, 2002

The Bride Emerges (92,713 bytes)  Walking Down the Isle (85,989 bytes)
The bride emerges!
Exchanging Vows (132,673 bytes) Okay, *now* you may kiss the bride. (142,837 bytes)
Gazebo action.
"You may kiss the bride when I say so. Okay, now you may kiss the bride."
Newlyweds (59,424 bytes)
Behold!  The mysterious nose-picker shadow on John's chest! (85,814 bytes) Greg and Sanka (129,850 bytes)
Behold! The mysterious nose-picker shadow on John's chest!
Table 1 - Nearly Empty (94,775 bytes) Table 2 - Very Full (141,112 bytes)
Table 3 (117,478 bytes)
The three ex-SEA tables: nearly empty, full, somewhat full.
Cake Exchange (62,120 bytes) Cake Kiss with Ratings (78,542 bytes)
Oh, the Joy of Cutting the Cake! (83,433 bytes)
The cake-cutting ritual. During the cake kiss, Andy and Sanka let everyone know how they rated each other on kissing. (They flashed the ratings really quick, so most everyone probably missed this.)
Dancing (68,477 bytes) Interesting composition of Farwell heads emerging from Clement heads (80,098 bytes)
Looks like Scott is about to make an obscene gesture! (62,797 bytes) Is this the chicken dance or macarena? (65,363 bytes)
What's so amusing? (46,881 bytes)
Dancing action! I think Scott is starting to make an obscene gesture...
Future Farwells of America! (68,676 bytes) Scott and Sleepy Gina (69,227 bytes)
The Sunburys (83,113 bytes)
Couples! Brian & Helen, Scott & Gina, Phill & Mieko.
Happy Sanka, and a Few Feet Above... Happy Scott! (54,737 bytes)
It's happy Sanka! And a few feet above her, happy Scott!