Scott and Gina's Wedding

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A few photos from the start of the ceremony.

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What's this?! Gina arrives in an old fashioned horse-driven carriage! How elegant!

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The completion of the ceremony and the kiss. Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Scott Petersen!

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"Why don't you come with me little girl, on a magic carriage ride..."

14_ceremony.jpg (78,270 bytes) 16_ceremony.jpg (59,010 bytes)

Ceremony exodus. And Sychuang looking quite manly under the parisol.

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Scott and Gina appear at the reception, and someone rings the bell in the background... prompting a kiss.

20_sullivans.jpg (55,811 bytes)

The Sullivans. (No, there's no blinking this time!)

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Andy and Sanka. Sychuang and Kim. And me.

24_james.jpg (56,327 bytes)

James, the master of the Web! If I remember right, that's his wife, Bonnie.

25_lisa_karen.jpg (86,973 bytes)

Lisa and Karen pose while the little girl in the background examines her candle.

26_helen_brian_group.jpg (68,357 bytes)

Helen and Brian, with John and Phill in the background.

27_toast.jpg (43,276 bytes)

Toasting. "Happy New Year!"

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Cake cutting / cake feeding.

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Dancing about.

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The bouquet toss and the winner.

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The fake garter toss, followed by the actual one. Score one for Garter Monkey!