Shelia & Jeff Wedding
June 29th, 2002

Click here for my PDF version of Jeff & Shelia's Adventures in Dining.

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Yumi makes her appearance!
04_isle.jpg (81,296 bytes) 05_isle.jpg (40,936 bytes)
Mothers walking down the isle.
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08b_isle.jpg (63,165 bytes) 08_isle.jpg (48,642 bytes) 09_isle.jpg (51,850 bytes)
Guys walking down the isle.
10_isle.jpg (51,263 bytes) 11_isle.jpg (51,430 bytes) 12_isle.jpg (48,903 bytes)
Gals walking down the isle.
13_isle.jpg (69,112 bytes)
Children walking down the isle, with Ladybug showing some resistance.
14_isle_shelia.jpg (107,125 bytes) 15_isle_shelia2.jpg (73,147 bytes) 16_isle_shelia3.jpg (81,232 bytes)
The bride emerges!
17_gathering.jpg (103,387 bytes) 17_gathering2.jpg (94,994 bytes)
The gathering.
18_violin_guys.jpg (63,493 bytes)
Violin guys.
19_yumi_speech.jpg (37,256 bytes) 19_yumi_speech2.jpg (41,115 bytes)
Yumi reading the poem. "Love is friendship caught fire..."
20_vows.jpg (89,005 bytes) 21_vows2.jpg (89,414 bytes) 22_vows3.jpg (92,173 bytes)
23_vows4.jpg (87,840 bytes) 24_vows5.jpg (76,682 bytes) 25_vows6.jpg (93,701 bytes)
Jeff and Shelia exchanging vows!
26_newlyweds.jpg (46,047 bytes)
27_cynthia_faten.jpg (110,511 bytes) 28_chris_jen.jpg (61,187 bytes) 29_meredith_akil.jpg (61,835 bytes)
30_ladybug.jpg (58,660 bytes) 31_jeff_group.jpg (89,260 bytes)
Various friends hanging around before the reception.
32_jeff_shelia_enter.jpg (30,238 bytes) 33_dancing.jpg (42,716 bytes)
The reception begins, and Jeff and Shelia appear!
33_shelia_fireball.jpg (26,154 bytes) 34_shelia_singing.jpg (25,224 bytes)
A surprise to most at the reception, Shelia sings and forms a glowing fireball in her hands! (It's acutally the spotlight pointing right at the camera.)
35_tony_dani.jpg (41,517 bytes) 36_boggess.jpg (107,606 bytes)
37_jerry_yumi.jpg (52,483 bytes) 38_shelia_table.jpg (121,919 bytes)
39_shelia_brad.jpg (56,818 bytes) 40_dani_kris.jpg (47,819 bytes)
41_jbar_table.jpg (51,035 bytes)
Walking around, taking pictures of various tables...
42_austin.jpg (23,812 bytes) 43_austin2.jpg (47,540 bytes) 44_austin3.jpg (50,135 bytes) 45_austin4.jpg (20,677 bytes)
Jeff transforms into the International Man of Mystery: Austin Powers!
46_dancing2.jpg (42,150 bytes) 47_dancing3.jpg (57,597 bytes) 48_dancing4.jpg (51,994 bytes)
49_dancing5.jpg (59,009 bytes) 50_dancing6.jpg (44,613 bytes)
51a_dancing10.jpg (39,067 bytes) 51b_dancing11.jpg (49,380 bytes)
51c_dancing8.jpg (80,770 bytes) 51d_dancing9.jpg (91,985 bytes)
51_dancing7.jpg (39,106 bytes)
Dancing action.
52_cake_cutting.jpg (42,870 bytes) 53_cake_cutting2.jpg (56,465 bytes) 54_cake_cutting3.jpg (61,309 bytes)
55_cake_cutting4.jpg (55,636 bytes) 56_cake_cutting5.jpg (52,738 bytes)
Cake cutting ceremony, plus lots of video equipment.
57_shelia_toss.jpg (93,701 bytes) 58_shelia_toss2.jpg (77,521 bytes) 59_shelia_toss3.jpg (69,030 bytes)
The bouquet toss, and the winner, Alexis!
60_jeff_toss.jpg (60,043 bytes) 61_jeff_toss2.jpg (80,018 bytes)
62_jeff_toss3.jpg (31,056 bytes) 63_jeff_toss4.jpg (73,938 bytes)
The garter toss, and the winner... me. Excellent action photo shot by Cynthia!
64_jeff_toss5.jpg (42,438 bytes) 65_jeff_toss6.jpg (36,612 bytes)
Winners dancing.
68_meredith_akil_table.jpg (59,308 bytes) 69_chris_jen_table.jpg (70,494 bytes)
A couple more photos of couples at tables.